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Read before Booking

Tiree Equestrian is a Community Interest Company that has been created to allow the whole community to experience and benefit from interactions with horses. Our focus is on creating an inclusive safe environment to allow people, particularly vulnerable young people, to improve their wellbeing by building confidence and self-esteem through riding and working with horses. Team building and emotional resilience are at the heart of our activities as well as having fun and developing friendships through a shared connection.


Studies have shown that communicating and interacting with horses can have a positive effect on both mental and physical health. Benefits include improved self-esteem, communication skills, relaxation, focus,  control and happiness as well as improved physical fitness. In order to be inclusive as possible, we offer a range of opportunities to connect with horses through riding, stable management, volunteering, work experience and community events.  As a community interest company, we reinvest all of our profits back into the business in order that we can expand on the community work that we do

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